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HR Zone » Best HR Practices » Difference between Induction and Orientation

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Difference between Induction and Orientation
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Posted 26-02-2009Reply

hi folks,

try to explore the difference. do they differ r same. want the view of the beloved association members

krishna Picture
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  Rated 0 | Posted 03-03-2009

Dear folks,

Orientation and Induction are entirely different things like:-

Induction Comes first and is followed By Orientation.

Induction is for shorter duration will Orientation is for longer.

Now comes the subject matter of Induction as well as Orientation ; Induction means introduction of the company as in the overall preview of company it's more in the form of presentations while Orientation is the practical overview of the company that is it includes introducing employee do diffent people of the organisation making him more familiar with everyone so that he get the idea that what kind of company he will be working for and generating a level of comfort within the organisaton.

Definition“Orientation is the process of acquainting new employees with the organization. Orientation topics range from such basic items as the location of the company cafeteria to such concerns as various career paths within the firm”

I hope i am able to understand the difference btw Orientation and Induction still if you have any doubt please free to ask me any question.

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  Rated 0 | Posted 16-07-2009


I understood the difff b/w induction and orientation but could you also let know that when we say we have an induction program for new joinees, do we mean it includes orientation as well or should it be called an orientaion progam if spread for more than 7 days.

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